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Companies to follow on social media

There are many inspirational companies out there, we believe some are more interesting to follow (from the point of view of an artist) and worth following

Here the list

King - Sweden -

Mediamonks - Netherlands -

Blizzards - United States -

Dice - Sweden -

Lucas Studio - United States -

Weta Workshop - New Zealand -

Stay tuned, this list will successfully be updated

Helpful tips and guides from artists - Part I

A collection list of tips and thoughts from artists we come across along our long journey.

To the new/begining artist I would like to say...

"Dont think about the result. Think about the effort."
- Marjun Lazarte, Illustrator

"For the new aspiring artist, I would like to say to continue and enjoy what you like to do, inspire other people show other artist comes after you, just enjoy life.
Sometimes it’s okay being boastful, lazy rascal, open your mind to reality sometimes this craziness helps you grow better artist, ”failure is the essence learning always keep your feet on the ground."
- Joseph Luna, Illustrator

"Once you find your ideal method or style of art- work at it – then master it!
Have fun with it, and if you want to pursue it as a [serious] career, start making connections and networks now. (Like...right now.) Sign up to social media sites, post your work wherever you can and get yourself out there! Plus... it`s free!"
- Sheridan Johns, Freelance Illustrator

"Always use reference. Even a professional artist cant draw well without reference"
- KenShjn Park