Interview nr.23 Nimesh Niyomal

18 Jun 2017 0 0

This artist have truly created an unique style and have such amazing artworks. One of the most inter-esting reading regarding the impact of art in his life.

When and why did you begin creating art and does it have an impact on your live?

I can't remember when, but as long as I remember, I have always liked drawing. When I was young, as soon as I watch a movie or cartoon I wanted to draw something from it.

As a kid, I wanted to be a creator of something cool, like the people who created the cartoons and movies I watched and my parents always supported me.
Especially in a culture where I am from, that force to study and become doctors or engineers.

Now creating art is my way of escaping from reality. Now there is nothing I like more than drawing.
No matter if my art brings me money or not, I'm happy when I am drawing. I’m in my own world and still want to create something cool.

Creating art gave an impact in my life in many ways. I never thought creating art was going to be my job. There was a time I used to draw everything.
But in time I realized that I was the most happy when I was drawing comic arts. I focused on that and continued drawing comics.
Today I know I made the right decision. Because of that I have created quite a good reputation for myself and people know me and is familiar with my works.

Sometime when I’m browsing the internet I accidentally come across my own arts with my name under it in other websites, and that I it's cool.

My biggest achievement is when my Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice art got featured in Batman v Superman official twitter account.
That was a great day for me.


Did you take any drawing classes or studied to develop your style?

I never studied art and I never attended an art school. I learned art by my-self. I developed my art style by looking and studding other artists. It took me 9 years to come up and create my own style that I’m happy with. I went through different stages or art styles through the years until I finally found mine.

I spent hours watching Youtube videos of other artists. but in time I managed to developed my own style…
Actually when I think about it, until I found my own style I was just experimenting.  


DAWN OF JUSTICE - THE TRINITY is truly impressing; how did you create it and how long did it take?

DAWN OF JUSTICE - THE TRINITY is one of my arts that became popular. I'm huge Batman, DC fan and Zack Snyder fan. Soon as I saw the images from the movie I immediately wanted to draw something and I did it for fun. I did the whole thing in Photoshop and it took me two week to finish it.

I created this art few years ago. Now when I look at it I’m not happy with it. Year ago I did another advanced version of it…
Another year after I’m not happy with that either. Now I’m working on a Justice league movie art series. and that I’m happy with.


Where or how do you find inspiration?

For me it's always Comics and movies, though not all comics and movies inspire me. Like I mentioned earlier, I want to create something cool. The reason I like to draw DC characters/ movie posters, is because I’m comfortable with their creation. I like dark tones, I find it easy to express myself with DC properties.

It's like, when I see a movie or read a comic book I want to recreate how I saw it. The message I got from the movie and how I feel after reading or watching it through my art. And there are some fan art like DAWN OF JUSTICE - THE TRINITY with a simple idea behind it, which has only characters standing. that's because I drew those before I saw the movie.


What kind of tips would you suggest for the beginning artist?

If you like drawing, coloring or sculpting, and if that makes you happy, if you are satisfy with it, never stop doing it for any reason. And the most important thing is, keep practicing, it'll take time.

Do not worry about that you'll see the results of that time you spent, it'll be worth it. Keep practicing and create your own identity.

If someone see your art somewhere and say this is this person's art, you are a successful artist.

I hope someday someone will tell that to me as well :P


Stay tuned with Nimesh Niyomal



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