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Its a fusion New changes and updates

27 Jul 2020

Don’t panic it’s just a fusion of ideas and creativity that’s you are seeing! As you maybe have noticed, we have made quite some new changes to Gallery 4 Design.

Everything is still (almost) the same everything. We have split but also added new pages to make it easier for you to navigate but also focus on when visiting G4D.

There are now 4 pages you can visit - depending on what you are interested in.

Gallery 4 Design – Explore Read articles, watch videos, tutorials and explore content such as interviews, blog topics etc.

Gallery 4 Design – Artists Joined by members from 3D Top Free, you can now access much more on G4D - Artists. Just like before, upload your artworks and share your creativity. Additional you can make advance searches on G4D – Jobs and find other artists and/or companies for different projects or vacancies.

Gallery 4 Design – Free stock Now easier to use, continue to access and download free materials for your projects. You can also download plugins and files for projects.

Gallery 4 Design – Jobs Realizing it was one of the most popular pages we have created and developed G4D – Jobs. Beside looking for jobs, there is guides you can use to get tips and inspirations.

We hope you enjoys the new Gallery 4 Design. Many thanks to new and old visitors, supporters and all our followers.
And another thing… Soon you can also be using G4D to create and developed your own ideas and contents for.

Best regards
Benjamin and Moses – Founders of Gallery 4 Design

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