#Credittheartist - It matters

22 Jul 2019

Believe it or not, Gallery 4 Design have been online more than 7 years, and it have truly become a passion but also a joy to see it grow in number. It is quite awesome to inspire artists, art enthusiasts and daily visitors with all kind of content and helpful tips for creative work.

Unfortunately, we also have noticed artworks getting published on different social media or websites without any credential notifications. Legally, all kind of artistic work such as; films, songs, photographs etc. are protected and belongs to its creator (copyright).

For us, it is vital and of a high priority to find out the legal owner of artworks published on gallery4design.net or via our collaborative partner.

Further on, we will continue to share inspirational artworks with the hashtag (#) #Credittheartist. It matters but also necessary showing support to each artist we come across. It is our way to say – Thank you for helping us doing what we love.

Step In To The Gallery – Remember to always #credittheartis

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