Welcome Back

01 Jul 2016


As you maybe have noticed there are some changes on the website. Beside the layout we have also tried to make the website more user-friendly and adaptive for mobile devices.

What’s new?

  1. Objective – This time we are focusing on one thing. First thing is focusing on topics related to artwork and allowing peoples to upload their personal works (Artist login).
  2. G4D all time –  The page All time is simply a collection of the greatest/ most impressive artworks we have ever seen. To see the full collection, check out our Pinterest page.
  3. Youtube – We will also be sharing more of our thoughts and creating tutorials/ ideas and discussions related to topics related to the subject art or movie making.

We hope you enjoy our updates and once again welcome back!

P.S it doesn’t get more personal on Instagram.
You can see and read our daily life through pictures. Stay tuned =)

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